Delta Tau Honor Society

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It's Your Decision!

Delta Tau provides not only recognition and honor but also an opportunity for networking, personal growth, and professional growth through education and service. Membership identifies you throughout your life as one who has a distinguished academic record and potential as a professional. Employers recognize the DT key as a mark of excellence and will look to you for leadership.

As a member you can participate in local and national activities to enhance your leadership and management skills. Chapter activities are designed to integrate co-curricular and academic goals through collaboration with faculty and campus/community organizations.

By accepting the invitation to membership you will be joining an association of peers, and through local and national activities DT can serve your unique needs throughout life. There is a welcome awaiting°™Will you join us?

Delta Tau Honor Society
4990 Northwind Drive, Suite 140
East Lansing, MI 48823-5031

Contact: Dr. Dorothy I. Mitstifer
Tele: 517.351.8335
Fax: 517.351.8336
Email: [email protected]

As a member of Delta Tau, you will

      • Join a national network
      • Enhance your achievements
      • Broaden your horizons
      • Enrich your education through local/national meetings
      • Develop leadership knowledge/skills
      • Explore career choices
      • Advance professionally through lifelong learning options


Membership Eligibility

Students shall

  • Have declared a major in a dietetic technician program or one of the associate degree specializations related to dietetics, nutrition, food service management, health & wellness, and other human sciences programs;
  • Have completed 12 semester hours or its equivalent; and
  • Rank in the top 35% of their class.


Professionals shall

  • Have made a distinctive professional contribution or
  • Have earned one or more degrees qualifying them to work in associate degree programs.


In five years the following Delta Tau initiatives will enable National and chapters to prepare members as leaders for the 21st century:

Scholar Program - National grants to chapters for local scholarships.

Award Program - Awards for members, advisers, and chapters.

Delta Tau Web Site - Electronic communication with members and chapters.

Delta Tau Newsletter - Online publication.

Conclave - National meeting held in alternate years to govern the society, provide leadership training, and explore current issues.


Chapter Programming Ideas - The program resources of Kappa Omicron Nu are available for Delta Tau Chapters. See