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Guidelines for Establishing a Chapter of Delta Tau

Delta Tau is a national honor society dedicated to recognizing and encouraging excellence in scholarship, research, and leaders in various specializations. To accomplish the mission of empowered leaders, the Society shall

      • Promote scholarship and encourage intellectual development,
      • Promote research and foster the spirit of inquiry,
      • Confer distinction for high achievement,
      • Promote leadership development,
      • Stimulate student and faculty dialogue,
      • Enrich the intellectual environment of higher education institutions,
      • Encourage high standards of practice and ethical behavior, and
      • Promote attitudes of professional responsibility for the public good.

Delta Tau chapters may be installed in colleges or universities which grant associate degrees and support this mission. Students and professionals who support the mission may be elected to membership.

Eligibility Criteria for Members

1. Collegiate - students enrolled in associate degree programs at the time of initiation. Students shall

a. Have declared a major in a dietetic technician program or one of the associate degree specializations related to dietetics, nutrition, food service management, health & wellness, and other human sciences programs.
b. Have completed 12 semester hours or equivalent.
c. Rank in the top 35 percent of their class in the unit.

2. Professionals shall

a. Have earned an associate degree in a program referenced in specializations above and rank in the top 35% of the class.
b. Have earned one or more degrees qualifying them to work in the field.
c. Have made a distinctive professional contribution

Eligibility Criteria for Chapters

1. The institution is accredited by its regional accrediting agency.
2. The institution offers one or more programs (see previous page) leading to an associate degree.
3. The unit has sufficient qualified students and faculty to maintain an active chapter.
4. The scholarship of students at all levels compares favorably with that of other students in the institution.
5. Institutional administrators and faculty support the mission of honor societies.


1. Complete the application for establishing a chapter of Delta Tau.
2. Submit five copies of the application form, one catalog, and supporting documents to:

Delta Tau
4990 Northwind Drive, Suite 140, East Lansing, MI 48823-5031
(T) 517.351.8335 - (F) 517.351.8336 - [email protected]

3. Accompany the application materials with a letter of petition stating the rationale for establishing a chapter and documenting local support.
4. If the application is approved, the prospective chapter shall be installed by the Delta Tau Executive Director or a designated board member. The prospective chapter shall pay all local expenses for installation and for lodging and food expenses of the installing officer(s). National Delta Tau reimburses travel expenses.


Delta Tau Initiation Ritual

Unit Administrator: The Unit Administrator may wish to welcome the prospective members and guests and describe the academic unit and majors. This is an opportunity to personalize the initiation and to gear it toward aspects of the field that the chapter represents. The Unit Administrator should introduce the Adviser.

Adviser: To accomplish the mission of empowered leaders, Delta Tau gives voice to advocacy for scholarship, research, and leadership to a sizable scholarly community for critical dialogue, collaboration, and networking.

The Adviser should give a brief history of the local chapter, explain eligibility, describe the activities of the chapter, and introduce the President and Vice President and other officers who will conduct the ceremony.

President: (The President should invite all candidates to come forward to stand in two semi-circles on either side of the initiation table. Two members could serve as ushers to guide the ceremonial procedures. Adaptations may be required for large groups. Make sure that the audience can see the initiation activities.) Today we celebrate scholarship and offer recognition to the new initiates of Delta Tau.

Vice President: You have an outstanding academic record, and we welcome you because of your scholastic achievements and potential for continued scholarly work. We congratulate you for pursuing excellence.

President: We invite you to become a member of Delta Kappa and to receive a permanent and notable recognition of your scholarly efforts.

Vice President: Kappa Omicron Nu is a scholastic honor society which brings together people who focus on quality of life for the individual, the family, and society.

President: Scholarship, research, and leadership are ideals we share as members. We believe that these are the tools which build firm foundations. We acknowledge that with honor comes responsibility to pursue scholarly and professional activities with the highest of ethical standards. WE CHALLENGE YOU TO ACCEPT THIS OBLIGATION. If you agree with these ideals, say, "I do."

Will all members please join the new initiates in repeating the pledge after me:

In accepting the responsibility *** and honor of membership in Delta Tau *** I will continue to use my abilities *** to pursue the ideals of the organization, *** to give support and leadership to my profession, *** and to make my contributions with dignity and integrity.

Vice President: We depend on our members to help accomplish the organization's mission, empowered leaders, which means encouraging intellectual development, fostering the spirit of inquiry, and promoting leadership development. Thus, your involvement and leadership is critically important to a strong and dynamic Delta Tau.

Program (if desired): President asks new members to be seated, introduces speaker, and thanks speaker at conclusion.

President: Your initiation into Delta Tau signals the potential of your contribution to furthering the ideals of this organization and to improving society through your scholarship, research, and leadership. We challenge you to actualize your potential and to take your place among leaders of your field.

On behalf of the national organization and the ________________ chapter, congratulations to each of you; welcome to Delta Tau.

Vice President: And now (pause) we conclude this ceremony and invite you to join with us in our quest for excellence. We invite you also to sign the membership book as your first official act as a new member of Delta Tau. (CalI persons individually to receive insignia, certificate, ribbon, and/or flower and to sign the membership book. Do not rush this part as it is the only place in the ceremony where each person is seen individually. Try to place the membership book so that each initiate may be seen clearly by the audience.)

The president, unit administrator, adviser, and faculty representative of each department (or major) should be standing so that they can greet the new initiates after they have signed the membership book.